The Adventures of Velvet

by Cheeky Velvet

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My name is Cheeky Velvet, I came from the future. (2115) I was made by a mad Scientist and his Lackey. I’m here to infiltrate the pop scene and save our future world by imparting future knowledge. I want to experience love in all it’s forms. Join me on “The Adventures of Velvet”. Brace yourselves for the journey.


released October 21, 2015

Produced by Hayden Johns
Music written by Jacqueline Boccaccio
Mixed by Casper Hall
Mastering Done by Matthew Gray Mastering

Jacqueline Boccaccio
Guitar: Zane Javernig
Bass: Ellen Hartwig
Drums: Casper Hall
Saxophone: Erin Logan




Cheeky Velvet Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Hickey
♛Am I the only girl you’ve ever kissed this way? ♛~ It feels like you want me to stay ☀Chorus☀ It was only a kiss but my heart raced like this ♛ Got me doing crazy things pulling strawberries out my top ♛Skinny dipping in the dark guarantee not a belly flop ♛ Mum and Dad know what we did ♛Now they think I’m a troubled kid ♛Purple Purple Blotches on on my neck ♛Lying Lying Flat on the park bench ♛Purple Purple Blotches on on my neck ♛ Lying Lying Flat on the park bench ☀Chorus☀ x 3 ☀-Chorus-☀ H-I-C-K-E-Y You’ve gotta hickey - Uh Uh it’s kind of ickey -☀ V-E-L-VET I gotta hickey - Uh Uh it’s kinda ickey ☀ Bruised up and down my neck, friends think I look like a wreck ♛ You sucked me like a mango right to the core I hope my friends don’t think I’m a bit of a whore ♛
Track Name: Velvet World
Velvet World
I’m on a mission ☾shut up and listen ☾I’ve got future knowledge☾about the human condition☾I’ll teach you my ways ☾Show you outer space♆I know what the future holds ♆ and if you follow me♆I’ll show you art, love and technology ♆I’ll guide you through with peace ★Come into my Velvet World ★and I’ll be your Velvet Girl I’ll give you the confidence ★ So baby do you copy this? ★ Oh oh oh I’m on a mission ★ Oh oh oh I’m on a mission☾ I haven’t been here☾Wanna show me around?☾I’ve come from the future☾so take me out on the town☾Teach me your ways☾Show me outer space♆Pre Chorus ♆ ~ ★Chorus ★ ~ I wanna learn who you are ☾I want to drive in your fast car ☾I want to do these things with you ☾I wanna know what you like☾I wanna know what you’ll be ☾I wanna see if you’ll love me♆Pre Chorus♆ ~ ★Chorus ★ ~ x2 ☾Oh oh oh I’m on a mission☾Oh oh oh human condition☾Oh oh oh we’ve got ignition
Track Name: Crazy For You!
Crazy for You♥
I bumped into you and it wasn’t an accident♥ The truth is I just wanted a whiff of your scent ♥ because I am crazy for you ♥ I have a million photos too ☆Chorus☆ There’s no potion I can make you take ☆ No formula I can remake ☆ I just got to let you fall in love with me ☆ Naturally ☆I shouldn't've led with that joke now baby ♥ No wonder you just think I’m crazy ♥ I just want to be your prized possession ♥ oh not the girl you forgot to mention ♥ I swear I’m a big talker ♥ not a stalker! ☆Chorus ☆ I know I come off a bit strong ♥♥ the things I say sound a bit wrong♥ I just wantcha so bad ♥ and its driving me mad ☆ Chorus☆
Track Name: Bittersweet
It’s been a year since we’ve gone our ways ☕ After the split I would count the days ☕ But looking back now on it all ☕ I can see the point of our downfall ☕ you treated me like I was your Queen ☕ that wouldn’t stop my music dreams☕ I wanted to have it all ☕ but you just wanted me more ♫You left a bittersweet ♫ taste in my cheeks ♫oh the love was real ♫but now I’m where I should be x 2 ☕ building me up and ☕ kissing my wounds all day ☕ with pizza and movies ☕ I promise I won’t ☕ We talked for hours ☕ with those walks to the park ☕ I still have the blanket ☕ I promise I won’t ~♫Chorus♫ ~and I promise I won’t~ ♫ Forget the little things, ☕ the little things, ☕ the little things you did for me….☕ ~♫Chorus♫ ~ but now I’m where I should be ☕ with him, with him oh with him ☕ because he was made for me. ☕
Track Name: Toy Boy
Toy Boy
☃I’m sick of having to be with a boy who plays with toys ☃ Why do I have to clean up your mess all the time ☃Why don’t you just grow up and get off of your couch ☃You still live with your Mum and your Dad ☃I’m not putting up with this no more ☃WHAT?!? No I won’t give you a lift to the store ☎Cuz I don’t want no Toy Boy ☎I just want a man around ☎I don’t need a kid who just doesn’t understand x 2 ☃You asked me to pay for lunch cuz you don’t have a job ☃ You told me you searched high and low but there’s just nothing going on ☃We all know it’s a lie ☃ You didn’t even try ☃ You free load off everyone around ☃ In your next life you’d be burnt to the freaking ground ☃ You talk to me like I’m ya ride ☃ Don’t you have any pride ☎ CHORUS x 2 ☎ Cuz I’m not going to let you get AWAY WITH THIS ☃Not going to follow YOU AROUND TOWN ☃ Cuz I don’t want no more ☃and I’m not knocking on your door ☎Quiet Chorus ☎
☎CHORUS x 3☎
Track Name: Placebo
I’ve been so sick while we’ve been together ☔ Doctors, pills and shots to get better ☔ Lost the control now, now I can’t hit pause ☔I’m starting to think, maybe you’re the cause ☔ I won’t let this mean, for us I’m still keen ⚄Are you really good for me? ⚄ I’m scared this is a sign, because without you I’m just fine⚄ Are you really good for me? ⚄ I’m hot and you’re cold, this games getting old ⛨You're my Placebo effect⛨ You're my Placebo effect ⛨ You're my Placebo ☔ You suck the life right out of me ☔ and you wonder why I’m hooked to an IV ☔You can’t exclude me from these plans ☔You’re a substance that should be banned ☔I’m just staring into space with a hard glare on my face ☔ I know we resolve it easy and you said you wouldn’t leave me☔~⚄ Short Chorus⚄ ~ Are you really good for me? Are you really good for me? ⛨You're my Placebo effect ⛨ You're my Placebo effect ⛨ You're my Placebo effect